Archaeopteryx, woodblock on various fabric, 44x44", first printed at the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival in Walla Walla, WA, October 2016
Deer Family, jigsaw woodcuts and laser-cut mounted paper block prints on fabric, variable edition, approx. 3ft tall, October 2017

Negligence, linocut, 5x7", July 2020

Quarantine Station, 2-layer woodcut, 5.5x8", July 2020

Fight Evil, woodcut, 10x10", March 2017

Body as Fact and Fiction, intaglio and monoprint, 8.5x11", November 2017
Vertebra, intaglio, 6x7", September 2016

Nightfall Fungus, Intaglio, image size 9x12", February 2020

Old-school, Drypoint on CDs, 12x16", November 2019

Screen Prints

Curiosity Lights the Way, screen print on black Arches paper, 15x20.5", September 2017

Nurture Tolerance, screen print on French paper, 14x18.5", November 2017
(in collaboration with Jennifer Casper, a Whitman College staff member)

Detail Reverence, screen print on black Arches paper, 22x17", September 2017
Martyr to Medicine, screen print, 13.5x23.5", August 2017
Your Precious Time and Money, screen print, 8.5x11", December 2016
(installed at various thematically relevant locations on Whitman College's campus)
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