Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures; drum-leaf book made with cyanotype on Stonehenge, frosted Mylar, paint, book board; 7x6x1"; Fall 2017
Artist Statement
Guilty Pleasures catalogues a selection of objects, activities, and pop culture elements that people often express embarrassment for enjoying, if they admit to their enjoyment at all. Many “guilty pleasures” are coded as such because of class anxiety, misogyny, or shame over indulgence.
Frosted Mylar pages and blacked out rectangles alternating with cyanotypes evoke self-censorship and stigma, lifted to reveal found images that symbolize cultural taboos. The book presents common guilty pleasures to provide senses of relief, confession, and non-judgmental recognition to viewers, while also offering space to contemplate the social dynamics at work in mixing benign pleasure with guilt.
Periwinkle Eyes
Periwinkle Eyes; accordion book made with pressure print, watercolor, pen, Mohawk paper, lace, fabric, book board; 6x2.5x0.5", 2017
Sugar, accordion book made with laser-etched plexiglass, 2x2.7x0.5", 2018
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